Women’s Body Powder

Sweat Protection, Odor Control, Anti-Friction

Women's Body Powder

and Odor Control

Dri-tech technology instantly absorbs sweat and moisture while fighting odor-causing bacteria.

3 x
More Sweat Absorbing Powder

vs. competitive sweat absorbing powder 2.6oz

Soothing Anti-Friction powder with Calamine

that starts soothing on contact, keeping your skin soft, dry, and friction-free.

Action Formula

Body powder made for women to absorb sweat at the source, stop odor caused by sweat, and remove friction in areas prone to rubbing and chafing.

Fresh and Light Scent Triple Action Body Powder
Pair it and wear it

Certain Dri Women’s Body Powder can also be used in combination with Certain Dri antiperspirants for an additional layer of comfort and protection.

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