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Certain Dri Difference Excessive sweating

With so many over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants available for those seeking relief from excessive sweating, it can be hard to choose the right one. So, how do you know which “clinical strength” really means it?

Realsweat protection

Certain Dri is one of the original clinical antiperspirant brands and the #1 Doctor recommended brand for people with excessive sweating.*

Prescription strength sweat protection Extra strength sweat protection Everyday strength sweat protection


levels of sweat protection

Alcohol free antiperspirant

alcohol free formula

water-based formula is more gentle on your skin*

70 %
of doctors recommend the Certain Dri brand

more than any other brand available without a prescription

Tipsfor best results

Antiperspirants work best while you sleep to stop sweat the next day. You sweat less at night, allowing the antiperspirant to absorb into your pores for sweat protection the next day.

  • Apply at night to completely dry, non-irritated underarms.
  • Can be reapplied in the morning for an extra layer of freshness and protection

Certain Dri offers 3 levels of protection for people with excessive sweating:

Certain Dri Prescription Strength

Prescription Strength

Sweat Protection 15% Aluminum Chloride
72 hours of protection

Best for anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating

This antiperspirant is the strongest in the Certain Dri line with 15% Aluminum Chloride, and is the most effective antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription. Aluminum Chloride is the strongest and most effective active ingredient available in antiperspirants and is the same active ingredient in many prescription formulations. Aluminum Chloride is the #1 doctor recommended active ingredient for excessive sweating*. Because of the strength of this active ingredient, it is only available in roll-on form.

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18k+ Ratings

Really works. Amazing having my confidence back!



Memphis, TN, United States

Prescription Strength Dry Sprays

Sweat Protection 25% Aluminum Chlorohydrate
All-day protection
Invisible Dry Spray
Antiperspirant + Deodorant

Fast acting advanced sweat and odor protection stops sweat before it starts, available in two fresh scents.

With more active ingredient than the leading dry spray, Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Protection Dry Spray provides all day sweat protection for freshness and confidence.

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3k+ Ratings

This product is amazing and long lasting!



San Diego, CA, United States

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Dry Sprays
Certain Dri Antiperspirant Wipes

Prescription Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

Sweat Protection 15% Aluminum Chlorohydrate
72 hours of protection

Be prepared to stop sweat and odor before they start with on-the-go sweat wipes.

Long-lasting sweat protection formula with 15% Aluminum Chlorohydrate in a quick and easy-to-apply wipe. Wipes away sweat and odor-causing bacteria anywhere, anytime.

Super convenient and effective!



Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Extra Strength

Sweat Protection 25% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate
Multi-day protection
Antiperspirant + Deodorant

Best for anyone looking for an extra-effective antiperspirant that may be gentler on sensitive skin

This antiperspirant + deodorant has 25% Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate, which has been shown to provide long-lasting wetness protection for people with excessive sweating who may require a product that is more gentle on sensitive skin than other active ingredients. This formulation has been clinically shown to provide wetness protection for multiple days and is available in solid form.

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2.2k+ Ratings

Done with 8 years of embarrassing sweating



Los Angeles, CA, United States

Certain Dri Extra Strength
Certain Dri Prescription Strength

Everyday Strength

Sweat Protection 20% Aluminum Zirconium
All-day protection
Solid and Roll-on
Antiperspirant + Deodorant

Best for anyone looking for certainty against odor and sweating

Certain Dri Everyday Strength Clinical Solid/Roll-On: This antiperspirant + deodorant has 20% Aluminum Zirconium Complex, which is the same active ingredient found in most other clinical antiperspirants on the shelf. This active ingredient has been shown to provide all day protection for many people who seek an effective clinical antiperspirant with added deodorant protection. This formulation is available in both solid and roll-on form.

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2.8k+ Ratings

I can wear anything now!



Calgary, AB, Canada

# 1

doctor recommended clinical strength antiperspirant*

hyperhidrosis doctor

Real “clinical strength” antiperspirant options that can help you with excessive underarm sweating

*Data on file.