Certain Dri Extra Strength Clinical Solid

Extra effective antiperspirant + deodorant that may be more gentle on sensitive skin

Certain Dri Extra Strength Solid is an extra effective antiperspirant + deodorant that may be more gentle on sensitive skin. The active ingredient Aluminum Sesquichlorohydrate in Certain Dri Extra Strength Clinical Solid has been shown to provide up to 72 hour protection for people with excessive sweating.

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certain dri antiperspirant


  • Best Practice is Before Bed Antiperspirants work best while you sleep to stop perspiration the next day. This is when you sweat less, allowing the active ingredient to better get into pores. Don’t worry, it will not wash off after bathing in the morning.
  • Be Certain Your Armpit Area is Dry To reduce the risk of irritation, underarms must be completely dry prior to application. Do not use immediately after showering; or if skin is broken or irritated. Consider using a hair dryer on the cool setting to help dry your underarms before application.
  • Apply Certain Dri sparingly Only a few downward strokes under each arm are needed to cover entire underarm area. Do not use directly after shaving as this may cause irritation.
  • Pair It And Wear It Reapply in the morning for an extra layer of freshness and protection. Certain Dri Extra Strength Clinical Antiperspirant + Deodorant can also be used in combination with other Certain Dri antiperspirants.
Have sensitive skin? Do a patch test.

Patch testing is a method of testing a new skin care product or a new skin care ingredient to see if it will work on your unique skin. If you have sensitive or allergic skin, it’s always recommended to do a patch test or consult your physician.

Certain Dri – A certified cruelty free product by PETA

Certain Dri® products are not animal tested and are certified cruelty free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 3 million members and supporters. To learn more about PETA, and companies that do not test on animals, visit www.peta.org.