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Sex Differences in Sweating
There Are Sex Differences in Sweating, But Treatments Are the Same

Whatever your gender, you’ve got approximately 2-4 million sweat glands and it’s normal and necessary to sweat. If, however, you sweat excessively and uncontrollably, beyond what’s needed or expected in reaction to ambient temperature, a workout, or stress, you might have hyperhidrosis […]

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Pandemic Sweat and Body Odor
Here’s How the Pandemic May Be Changing Your Sweat & Body Odor & What to Do About It

Has your personal hygiene regimen changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began? Have you noticed BO changes, too? If so, you are not alone. Because many of us are not going out much (either to work, school or social occasions), we are also relaxing our grooming standards, showering less and forgetting antiperspirant application. Even our choice […]

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Save Money Using a Flexible or Health Savings Account for Specific Over The Counter Products

“Letter of Medical Necessity” Can Make Big Certain Dri Savings Possible Do you rely on a Certain Dri antiperspirant to help you with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis?  Have you set aside funds, pre-tax, in a flexible spending (FSA) or health savings account to help you save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars? Usually, […]

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Sweating too much? 4 next steps

If you think you sweat too much, you likely have really valid reasons. And, no, being concerned about abnormal sweating does not make you weird, superficial or a hypochondriac. In fact, one expert on excessive sweating told WebMD that “Pretty much anyone who comes to me complaining of excess sweating has it.”  So, if you’re sure […]

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Excessive Sweating Linked to Anxiety & Depression: Find Treatment & Help Protect Mental Health

If you had a health issue that made you nearly three times more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression, you’d seek help, right? How about if that same medical condition could sometimes make you feel embarrassed and hopeless?  If you experience hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), you should know that: It’s a medical condition, and  It […]

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Howstuffworks: When to Apply Antiperspirant So It Works Best

*Spoiler Alert* the best time to apply antiperspirant is at night! Get the most from your antiperspirant by reading these helpful tips from howstuffworks.

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Real Simple: Are Your Hands Aging You? Here’s How to Keep Them Looking Young

Real Simple shares some helpful tips and features Certain Dr to help with sweaty palms! *Certain Dri is intended for underarms use, please consult your healthcare provider before using on other body parts*

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Bustle: The Best Men’s Deodorants for Women

Certain Dri Prescription Strength was included in Bustle’s review of best men’s deodorants for women as the most effective over-the-counter treatment for heavy sweaters.

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Mic: The 5 Best Deodorants for Men Who Sweat a lot

Mic included Certain Dri Prescription Strength Roll-on as one of the best antiperspirants for men who sweat a lot! Noting it as a powerful option that is designed to protect against sweat for up to 72 hours.

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Prevention: 10 Ways to Stop and Prevent Sweaty Feet, According to Doctors

Certain Dri was featured in Prevention as a smart solution for sweaty feet! *Certain Dri is intended for underarms use, please consult your healthcare provider before using on other body parts*

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