Sweating is a normal, healthy and necessary function, but for millions of adults and teens, excessive perspiration affects their everyday lives. In fact, millions of people suffer from hyperhidrosis, the clinical name for excessive sweating that can affect people’s emotional, social, and functional lives.

Sound familiar?
You are not alone.

Certain Dri® is here for you.

Certain Dri is the #1 over the counter brand that doctors recommend for their patients with excessive sweating*, and is one of the original clinical antiperspirant brands. Unlike other antiperspirant brands, Certain Dri offers several treatment options for people who suffer from excessive sweating, clinically known as hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating is a very real, but treatable medical condition. If you think you sweat too much, it is best to ask your doctor if your sweating is considered normal. It could be due to some underlying cause, such as a medical condition or a side effect of medication that can be corrected or changed. You can also discuss options and methods to best manage your sweating with your doctor.

Learn more about hyperhidrosis, about the Certain Dri difference and find out which product is right for you.

*According to a 2017 survey of Dermatologists